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Upper Chitral experiencing unprecedented cold weather in June

CHITRAL: Upper Chitral is experiencing unprecedented weather conditions this year with many villages reporting snowfall on mountains in the month of June.

Rains in many areas have also caused blockade of roads due flash floods, falling of rocks and boulders.

In Khot, Oveer and Bigusht villages, the mountains have received over two inch of snow.

While most of the cities in the country are sizzling with temperatures rising to as high as 50 degrees centigrade, people in Upper Chitral have taken out warm clothing and woollies to beat the cold weather. Elders of the area said they had rarely seen such a cold weather and plenty of rain in the month of May and June in the past.

Meanwhile, the Chitral-Mastuj road was blocked after flash floods brought down boulders and rocks at Khonger Deru Boht between Reshun and Shachar on Tuesday night. As a result, commuters on the busy road remained stranded.
Intermittent rain/snowfall for over a month has also panicked farmers in Upper Chitral who said their wheat crop may not ripe on time.

Moreover, the cold weather conditions may also spoil fruit orchards in the area.

The weather in the Chitral town was cloudy and pleasant when this report was filed at 12 noon on Wednesday with reports of intermittent rain still continuing in Upper Chitral.

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