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Thieves on the prowl: 15 shops burgled in Brep

BREP: As many as 15 shops situated at Rahimabad locality of village Brep were burgled by thieves on Tuesday night.

The thieves entered the shops by breaking the locks and took away cash along with valuables, causing huge losses to the shopkeepers.

The incident has created a sense of insecurity among the people of the area.

An identified group of thieves has been active in Upper Chitral as similar incidents had also happened in Booni and Mastuj a few weeks ago.

The local police have not been able to trace the culprits in any of the burglary incidents so far.

People here have expressed their dissatisfaction over the performance of the police.

They called upon the authorities concerned to enhance police presence and patrolling to check such crimes in the area.

Waqar Ahmed

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