Residents criticize C&W dept for not replacing Droshp bridge

GARAM CHASHMA: The bridge over Lotkoh river at Droshp has been in a broken and dilapidated shape for years and can cause any fatal accident if not replaced soon.

Area residents told ChitralToday that the Communication and Works (C&W) Department itself had declared the Chumbor bridge dangerous, warning heavy traffic not to use it.

This is the only bridge through which people of Lotkoh get connected with other parts of Chitral. Besides, transportation of food and other items can be affected in case the bridge is not replaced.

Lotkoh is famous for its potatoes but due to the dilapidated condition of the bridge these could not reach the market causing losses to the farmers.
The locals said the C&W department received millions of rupees for the repair of the bridge every year but the condition of the bridge is wearing out day by day.

They alleged that the money ended up in the pockets of influential people. The amount which is wasted in the name of repair and maintenance of the bridge could well be spent on the construction of an RCC bridge at the site, they contended.

The construction of an RCC bridge could resolve the issue once and for all and end the hardship of the commuters. However, those pocketing the money may not want to get the door of their illegal income shut for ever. As a result, they never take serious steps to resolve this public issue.

The locals also said the district district administration was eager to impose a tax on the transportation of potatoes out of Lotkoh but never bothered to replace the broken bridge to facilitate the farmers.

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