ANP rally slams govt for price hike, rising deprivation

CHITRAL: Awami National Party (ANP) on Sunday took out a rally against price hike and rising deprivation among the people of Chitral.

Led by provincial vice president Khadija Sardar and district president of the party Haji Eidul Hussain, the rally started at Ataliq Bridge and ended at PIA Chowk.

Addressing the participants, local ANP leaders said there was no precedent of injustices meted out by the PTI government to the people of Chitral.

Khadija Sardar said because of these injustices and deprivations the people of Chitral were suffering a lot and unemployed youth were committing suicide.

She said people have now known the reality of the PTI’s claim of making Naya Pakistan and started longing for the old Pakistan instead.

She said Imran Khan should learn a lesson from history and accepting his utter failure should quit the government or be ready for a mass protest movement.

Reporting: Bashir Hussain Azad

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  1. Instead of wasting people’s time on other’s political agendas, why don’t they hold rally against the unjust and easily avoidable loadshedding in Chitral? It may have some effect also.

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