Social terrorists

By Inamullah (Virtual University of Pakistan)

Society shapes people differently to run contentiously its natural process. Every person is different in his nature biologically, psychologically and physically. This difference is important because life goes on in that way. When closely observed, some people can be seen playing very interesting part in society. Based on my personal opinion, I name these people as social terrorists.

These social terrorists always keep an eye on any unusual activity happening. When such thing happens, such as any conflict and misunderstanding between members of society, these people come into action. They play their part intentionally or unintentionally but play very well.

Once I got a chance to visit a police station when some of my neighbours were arrested in a case of some issue. When I set with both the parties who were involved in the situation, I determined that some people from both parties wouldn’t want to solve problems. They were just playing the role of social terrorists.

They grabbed my attention and I started to observe them deeply. I noticed that most of these people were unaware what they were doing. I questioned myself why these people are so? I gone deep and started analyzing them and found out that these people were just thirsty to fulfill their psychological desires like seeking  others and showing themselves a valuable person which they actually don’t get in normal life.

Psychology says that when a person feels unsuccessful and unhappy in his private life or when he is being ignored by his surrounded people he develops a habit of showing himself a better person and he always seeks attention from the environment. It actually leads him to do such unethical activities.

Social terrorism has become more common in society these days. Have you ever been like this? Don’t be please. This type of terrorism is very dangerous and it definitely needs attention.When such people are left uncontrolled they don’t miss any chance to destroy the peace of society just for the sake of seeking attention.

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