Poor man’s house in Ayun destroyed in fire

AYUN: A house was gutted in a fire that erupted due to short circuiting by power transmission lines over his house here.

Khosh Nawaz said he had built the house on a piece of land given to him by his in-aws at Blausht area of Ayun

He claimed that the fire erupted after transmission lines passing over touched the house.

When the flames erupted, the inmates ran for safety and could not save household items inside the house.

When local people and police reached the spot and put out the flames, three rooms of the house had been destroyed along with the items inside.

He said it would not be possible for him to rebuild the house as he had already spent his lifelong earning on the construction of the house.

House fires have become a routine across Chitral due to lack of safety measures and poor quality cables used by the owners.


Reporting: Muhkam Uddin Ayuni

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