Committee formed to promote interfaith harmony in Chitral

CHITRAL: Pakistan Council of World Religions (Faith Friends) arranged a coordination meeting for representatives of different religions and faiths on Friday, which resolved to promote interfaith harmony in Chitral.

Chaired by Allama Maqsood Ahmed Salfi, religious leaders from different schools of thought attended the meeting. They resolved to work together to further promote religious and social harmony in Chitral.

It was also agreed that all-out efforts would be made to promote religious harmony at the grassroots level, says a press release sent to ChitralToday.

The participants unanimously agreed to make Shahbaz Ahmed as the coordinator of a committee which will work for promotion of religious harmony in Chitral.

Members of the committee will be: Shahi Masjid Chitral Khateeb Molana Khaliquz Zaman, District Khateeb Molana Fazle Mola, District Naib Nazim Molana Abdul Shakoor, Molana Omer Qureshi and Molana Salamatullah.

From the Ismaili Muslim community, Sher Aziz Baig, member District Council; Ghulam Mustafa, member District Council, and Muhammad Yaqoob, member District Council will be the members.

The minority communities will be represented by Unth Baig and Na Baig, Kalash community members of the District Council, and Babar Masih and Rebecca Shehzadi from the Christian community.

Besides, Wasiuddin Akash, Samiullah, Shujaur Rehman and Naqqash will be representing the youth in the committee.

3 Replies to “Committee formed to promote interfaith harmony in Chitral”

  1. In Chitral all the people from different sects have the respect for each other since long. Whenever any issue raised in Chitral it was due to those people who want to get political benefit. We hope that the people of chitral whatever sect they belong to will not let religious victimization in the name of politics.

  2. Excellent. Mr. Shahbaz Ahmed has now to shoulder the heavy responsibility that Chitral and people of Chitral need the most. Liaquat

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