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‘Contractors target officer for resisting their corrupt practices’

BOONI: The allegations of government contractors against the divisional accounts officer show that for the first time in the history of Chitral an honest officer is resisting their corrupt practices.

This was stated by Shujauddin Lal, an activist of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Upper Chitral, in a press statement on Friday.

He said because of corruption of the contractors most of the development projects completed by these contractors had now become ruins while many others never saw light of the day.

The allegation by the contractors showed that the provincial government has for the first time appointed an honest person on the post of the account officers who has closed the door of corruption on the contractors’ mafia, he added.

He said the contractors made properties worth billions of rupees at the cost of the people of Chitral who are still facing due to the substandard development projects carried out by the contractors in connivance with some officials of the communication and works department.

Now for the first time when an honest officer is resisting their bids to embezzle public money, the contractors have joined hands and started black mailing him, he added.

Mr Shuja demanded that the provincial government should keep the officer on the post as long as possible so that public money is spent on the welfare of the people instead of ending up in pockets of the corrupt contractors.

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