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Contractors accuse C&W official of corruption

CHITRAL: Contractors of the communication and works (C&W) department have demanded the auditor general of Pakistan and the chief minister KP ensure action against the divisional accounts officer over his alleged corruption and misconduct.

Photo by Muhkamuddin Ayuni

Chitral Contractors Association President Noor Ahmad Khan told reporters that since his posting in Feb last the divisional accounts officer had made things difficult for contractors through corruption, prolonged absence from duty and misbehavior.

Accompanied by contractors Fazlur Rahman, Haji Mohammad Khan and Amirullah, he alleged that the officer illegally asked them for money to process their bills.

Mr Noor said the officer often absented himself from duty for spending time with family based in Peshawar and thus, delaying work related to contractors.

The contractors alleged that the DAO illegally collected money from them on one pretext or the other and even demanded a fixed percentage of the security amount deposited by them at the start of the project. They said the DAO used harsh and abusive language against contractors.

The contractors demanded strict action against the officer over alleged corruption and misconduct. They warned that the lethargic attitude of the officer would delay the execution of development projects.


Published in Dawn, May 24th, 2019


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