Ayun farmers seek check on water theft in Atani canal

AYUN: People of Atani Lasht and Korang Lasht Ayun have called upon the irrigation department to carry out dredging of Atani canal and stop water theft in it.

A closure view at crops in Ayun.–Flickr photo

In a statement, they said due to non-cleaning of the canal and lax watch and ward system, most of the water was being wasted and there was a severe shortage of water in the area. This has put a very negative impact on crops being irrigated through the water from the canal.

The residents said they had repeatedly demanded action against illegal water connections in the canal and its dredging but got no response from the engineer concerned.

The supervisor of the Belchadars is a non-local person due to which he is unable to keep an eye on them. As a result,  water theft has become a major issue, they added.

There is also a need to expand the tail area of the canal which is about 2,000 feet besides fixing all faulty check valves in the canal.

The farmers also said there should be transparency in the allocation of funds for the dredging of the canal every year and where the amount is being spent.

The farmers said they had been pooling in money to clean the canal on their own but due to the severity of the work now they were unable to get the work done on self-help basis.


Reporting: Muhkam Uddin Ayuni

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