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Concept of beauty

By Israr Mehmood Zond

The concept of beauty is overly romanticized. We are raised to believe that it has to fit some ideals: the perfect facial features, or nature at its best or an impeccable architectural design.

But, there is beauty in abundance in everything around; in listening to Azan of Fajr when everything around you is silent and asleep and you are only hearing the call to God, who is always awake unlike your love for Him.

You are reminded of Farid’s verse, “you are sleeping, God is awake. You are in love with a tough beloved.”

There is beauty when an infant holds tightly to your finger. Without knowing you through any of the labels, the sense of security and belonging a human being feels towards another human being.

When a stranger speaks about love. His eyes turn into stars with mention of his unfamiliar beloved. But you are happy for them, you are praying for their union, unconditionally, wholeheartedly. To live in waiting to find Beauty is a miserable condition. You will be always disappointed because nothing will ever fulfill your ideals of beauty.

There’s a small prayer that I say for you, that may you have the eyes, which can spot the smallest of beauty in times of despair.

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