Non-repair of Chitral-Drosh road by NHA criticized

CHITRAL: People travelling on Chitral-Drosh road have expressed their anger and dismay over the apathy of the National Highway Authority (NHA) towards the maintenance and reconstruction of the busy road.

They said this section of the road connecting Chitral with other parts of the country was under the NHA but the authority had not taken any step to repair and reconstruct it. Hundreds of vehicles plying to and from Chitral use the road every day. Besides, heavy vehicles such as trucks also use it for bringing goods to Chitral from Peshawar and Dir etc and back.

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The single-lane road has developed potholes and ditches and is broken at several points but the NHA authorities remain oblivious of the hardship being faced by the commuters.

The commuters said recently a patchwork was carried out by the NHA through a contractor but the rain washed away all the poor quality material used to fill the potholes and ditches.

The commuters said the NHA authorities failed to ensure quality work on the patchwork and were silent on taking action against the contractors. They asked the government to order a survey of the road and allocated its reconstruction to facilitate commuters as well as tourists.

For years, almost all roads within Chitral have not been repaired creating trouble for commuters besides causing accidents.

Reporting: Muhkam Uddin Ayuni

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