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Steps against threat from Shishpar glacier discussed

GILGIT: (PR) Major General Dr Ehsan Mehmood Khan, Commander Force Command  Northern Areas (FCNA), and Hafiz Sherali, President of Aga Khan Council for Pakistan met to discuss measures being taken to mitigate the possible threat from the Shishpar Glacier located near Hassanabad, Hunza.

President Hafiz thanked him for the preventive steps supported by the FCNA, government authorities and the ongoing support provided to the communities during emergencies.

He apprised Commander Ehsan about the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN)’s projects in poverty alleviation, education, health, habitat, access to clean water and energy.

Commander Ehsan praised the positive impact of AKDN’s efforts in the development of the country and reaffirmed FCNA’s continued support. He also acknowledged late Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah Aga Khan III’s contribution in creation of Pakistan.


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