Needed database resources on any social issue of Chitral

AOA! you people are doing a very good job to raise the voice for the people of Chitral. Also the information we get from this page are priceless.THANK YOU.

I am here to request you that I need database resources for any kind of social issue in Chitral. It could be anyone. I have to complete my university project but am unable to get any better source than this page. Kindly share some data with me. It will help me a lot.


Samim Raja.

2 Replies to “Needed database resources on any social issue of Chitral”

  1. Don’t say religious. Any religion never allows someone to use these type of language and think about destruction. Only nim mulas. …..may Allah gives them hidayat or destroy them.amin

  2. Religious extremists want to make Chitral another Parachinar firstly by pitting one sect with the other one and on the other hand targeting Kalasha community.
    Such situation will on the larger canvas pave the way to American drone strikes. Once a fire set on sectarian sentiments will not be extinguished easily, so the real representatives of the three communities should form a reconciliation committee and foil evil intentions of our enemies.

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