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Man blames doctor for deformity of son’s finger

CHITRAL: A resident of Drosh here on Friday said due to unprofessionalism of doctors his toddler son got a finger damaged.
Addressing a press conference, Shahabuddin of Manga village said his two years old son got his finger injured and was taken to the tehsil headquarters hospital Drosh where a doctor gave come medicine and sent him saying there was an injury to the joint of the finger which would heal up soon.
However, when the injury did not heal he took the child to the district headquarters hospital Chitral where a doctor suggested a minor surgery to bring the finger to its shape. 
However, the orthopedic doctor said anesthesia could not be given to the child as it could endanger his life and hence an operation could not be conducted to remove the deformity of the finger.
He said his child would be facing lifelong deformity in the finger due to the unprofessional attitude of the doctor in Drosh who was initially consulted to treat the injury.
Muhkam Uddin Ayuni & S. Nazir Hussain Shah
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