JI chief calls for linking Chitral with Central Asian states

CHITRAL: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) chief Sirajul Haq on Sunday said the PTI government did not act upon recommendations of his party and that was why it failed to control inflation and provide relief to the people even after coming to power on the slogan of following the state of Madina.

He was speaking at a function held at a religious seminary for girls in in Singoor and later at the gathering of party workers in the town.

The JI chief said even nine months after the PTI came to power, improvement in the economic situation in the country was not in sight.

He said by using the media the PTI misguided the people and grabbed power on flimsy promises and was now unable to meet expectations of the masses.

He said people in far-off areas such as Chitral were in trouble as the government did nothing for resolving their issues mainly after natural calamities such as floods a few years ago.

He said the youth of Chitral were jobless and the PTI made the tall claim of creating a new district of Upper Chitral but made a mess out of it as its announcement was limited to paperwork.

The JI chief said in order to change the fate of Chitral it was imperative that the valley should be linked to Central Asian states through the Wakhan corridor of Afghanistan. This, he added, would promote trade and create employment opportunities in the area.

In this regard, he claimed, the former MMA government in KP had carried out a survey to prepare a blueprint which was only to be implemented now. This new route via Chitral to Tajikistan and other Central Asian states would lead to an industrial revolution, he added.

The JI chief also stressed the need for launching an air service between Chitral and Tajikistan.

He said the government had announced to include Chitral as an alternative route to CPEC but so far no work had been started on the project. This road project would also be crucial for industrial development of whole Malakand Division and Peshawar, he added.

He demanded that work on the approach roads of Lowari tunnel should be expedited and Chitrali youth should be given a share in the 10 million jobs and five million housing units as announced by the government.

Reporter: Muhkam Uddin Ayuni





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