Political parties, civil society decide to challenge 1975 notification in superior courts


CHITRAL:  Representatives of all political parties and civil society, including lawyers, here decided to challenge the 1975 notification in the superior courts and asked the government not to finalize the ongoing land settlement record in Chitral for at least two years.

The decision was taken at a meeting that was in continuation of another meeting held on March 24 against the government’s unilateral move of declaring riverbeds and community lands across Chital and state property.

The meeting held at the bar room of the district bar association rejected the ongoing land settlement in the district and said some parts of the 1975 notification on which the process had been stated wee vague and needed clarifications.

They said the ongoing process of land settlement should be suspended for at least two years so that public reservations about the process could be removed.

They said that the notification was vague as far as riverbeds and pastures were concerned and the revenue department staff had stated declaring all such lands as state properties.

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