Tip of the iceberg? ghost employee detected at govt girls school

CHITRAL:  A ghost employee has been detected at a girls’ school in Lotkoh valley which sources said was among scores of other such illegal inductions made by the education department at the behest of influential people.

Sources told ChitralToday that the ghost employee at Govt Middle School for Girls in Parabeg had been drawing salary for 15 months. She was inducted as a naib qasid by the district education officer (female) at the behest of a politician. On March 19, 2019, the DEO through an office order (copy available with ChitralToday) temporarily adjusted the ghost naib qasid at another school in Seen Lasht. This was done after a teacher at the Parabeg school complained to the DEO in writing about the naib qasid drawing salary as an employee of the school without attending duty.

The ghost employee was reportedly detected by one of the two Class IV employees of the school on whose land the school was constructed a few years ago.

The sources while quoting the land owner family said four years ago they handed over the only piece of their land to the education department for the establishment of the Govt Girls Middle School Parabeg after the latter entered into an agreement with them that all Class IV jobs in the school would be given to the family members.

Initially, two Class IV jobs were provided to the wife and a brother of the land owner. The family used to earn a handsome amount of money every year by growing potatoes on the land. Besides, there were also fruit trees which were cut for the construction of the school building leaving the family with no other source of income.

“A few weeks ago, it came to the knowledge of the family that a woman from Garam Chashma had been drawing salary as a naib qasid of the school without even coming to work.”

The landowner’s family alleged that the job at the school was given to the woman by the DEO (female) at the behest of a politician keeping even the school head out of the loop.

ChitralToday sent message to DEO (female) for her version on the matter but she did not reply.

When contacted, a female member of the family said they were left with no more land and under the agreement any vacant Class IV job should be given to her kin. She called upon the authorities concerned to order a probe into the matter and give her family its right to all low level jobs in the school.



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  1. This is a criminal act on the part of the politician and Education department. The name of the politician involved in the appointment of the ghost employee should be clearly mentioned for public knowledge. The district anti corruption department should initiate legal action against this crime and those responsible for this heinous act must be punished.

  2. This is just a tip of the iceberg…many more things will come to the fore if an inquiry is ordered against the DEO female. The authorities concerned are requested to hold an inquiry what the female DEO had been doing during her stint as head of the girls schools in the district. I would rather suggest the people of the area to gear up efforts against her transfer if they are serious about the future of their girls, as she has completely destroyed the education system in the district. There are far better officers in the area who can run the school more efficiently.

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