Govt to enact law to protect Kalasha culture: minister

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government intends to introduce fee for cultural excursion to the Kailash Valley.
People who want to see the ancient Kailash tribe and their rituals will have to pay for it, said KP Senior Minister Atif Khan.
Talking to a delegation of Unesco, Atif said the KP government intends to bring in legislation to safeguard the culture and tradition of Kailash Tribe.
Unesco delegation met the senior minister to discuss the issues related to the Kailash tribe, which has been declared as a world intangible heritage.
“Our government will take all necessary measures to provide a safe and secure environment to the Kailash tribe,” Atif said.
The KP government will bring legislation into the K-P Assembly next month via Culture and Tourism Authority to secure the Kailash people.
He said that the government had introduced building code into the valley, to guard the archaeological and cultural heritage of the tribe.
The delegation assured that Unesco would provide all financial and technical support to the project to secure the locality and community of the Chitral district.
The delegation also said that beside Takht Bhai, various historical spots to be declared as world heritage in the coming days.

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