In praise of holy prophet (peace be upon him)

O Prophet of Mercy, peace be upon you!

Our success and glory bothdepend on you

You are Allah’s blessing, you are the Final

Of all the prophets, o blossom vernal!

You know the clandestine treasures of Nature

You have entrusted the Sacred Treasure

To the one who is the Door to the House of Knowledge

And Wisdom manifest which we all acknowledge

Your bright face has brightened the hearts all

Without your support and love, we will fall

In order to save us from the Infernal Abyss

Innama Waliyyukum is a sign of bliss

Greater than you, under the sun, can be none

In the Holy Religion, the Moon always follows the Sun

For Nizari, you’re the light of both eyes and heart

Blossoms their days from the Holy Salawat start


Zahid Ali Nizari