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Siberian Eden

By Iftikhar Ahmad
Pakistan is famous for many positive and negative vibes and one of these is its strategic location in the globe. Experts think this is the place which is connected to the whole world having warm water close to China and Central Asia.
The strategic location is not so much strategic to people of the globe but to the animals living north of the pure land (Pakistan). The pure land is divided into four provinces: Punjab, Baluchistan, Sindh and KPK with different provincial governments. KPK consists of 25 districts and 71 tehsils. Majority of the districts are poor having low literacy and low income rate and many more challenges. Among these districts, Chitral is located in the northwest having a population of approximately half a million. Chitral is, however, the largest in terms of area.
This place is surrounded by the Hindu Kush mountain ranges which makes it very harsh in the winters and delightful in the summer which is the beauty of Qashqar (Chitral).
Due to these captivating and dry mountain series, people enjoy four seasons of nature, which is a blessing from God.
Among these four seasons, winter is the harshest and challenging when most of the old age people get sick and sometimes reach their final destinations. This is the season in which mountains get calm by wearing white clothes enjoying the calmness of the people sitting in their homes while increasing the air pollution heating up their homes.
This is the season which becomes more harsh to those people who are having a disease of financial crisis; to cope with the harshness the only remedy is to keep ourselves warm by wearing warm clothes and eating healthy foods like meat, milk products & so on and if your economic situation is below average then it is difficult for you to avail the former facilities and the harshness will eat you like a parasite.
An animal teaches us many things which humans adopt from these animals. The Siberian birds migrate from Siberia to down countries, including the low lands of Pakistan. The process of their migration continues every year because they need a favorable climate of high or increasing resources areas, which are food and nesting locations. They lay their eggs and incubate their children. When their children grow enough to fly upwards, they abandon their sojourn and by taking their babies left for their mothers land and the process goes on.
Like these natures gifted migrated birds, the people of Chitral move southwards due to lack of good facilities such as education, healthcare, entertainment, freedom etc. The people who are well off have already migrated and others are following their footsteps. They think this place is a nutshell and there are zero percent chances of growth. Their children do not enjoy facilities of big cities and their education will be affected and they will lack behind in the world of competition.
These birds in the shape of HUMANs do not think of their own soil where they born, lived, enjoyed, laughed, cried, played and made their life history. They forgot about their own people, what will happen to them if we left, how their market will flourish, how their education system will grow, from where the competent people come to make the area a better place to live and so on.
Michael P. Watson has written: “Strong people don’t put others down… They lift them up.” If you have a functional education or any expertise and you are blind eyed towards your place of birth then your education/expertise means nothing to others. Try your skills and expertise to lift other people up not leaves them in a place where they live hopelessly.
If you can make a harsh place a better place to live for others then you are the most strong and lucky person in this world. I am living in here, trust me this Siberian Eden is the best place to live and flourish while supporting others.
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