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Why Muslims are targeted everywhere, why?

The tragic incident which happened in New Zealand makes me so pensive so pensive that I could not control my emotions and it compels me to think why we Muslims are targeted in every corner of the world? Why we are labelled as a terrorist? Why the world tries to squeeze us? Why they want to create a gap among the Ummah? Is it because we are Muslims? Is it because we believe on Allah and His last messenger. Is it because we are peaceful and want to spread love and respect all over the world? Is it because we are in minority abroad? Is it because we want to live in peace?
Whatever they are doing whatever they planned against Muslims they have to keep only one thing in mind that we are the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). One which always stick in my mind that why the whole world call him extremist and mentally unbalance. Do not you think it is a joke of the year. I am sure it is. How a mentally disturbed man knew that he had to kill only Muslims and on Friday only.
Shame! shame! shame!
If we put a glance on today’s scenario we come to know that non Muslim want to separate Muslims and create gap among Muslims and try to spoil our image before the world think they forgot the history. they should study history what we Muslims have done with them. otherwise it will be like “History repeat itself”.
No matter what they are planning whatever they want all are going to be vain. we never capitulate before these attacks or whatsoever these are. As a student and as a Muslim I strongly condemn all such activities which kill someone without reason and with reason we have no right to take someone’s life. It is mentioned in Quran that those who kill innocent one killed the whole humanity and those who save someone’s life it’s like saving the whole humanity.
I feel the pain and can understand their emotions that it’s very difficult for those families who have lost their beloved one in this unforgettable tragedy.
As a Muslim, I strongly believe that they embraced martyrdom. It’s mentioned in the Quran that “Say not of those who are slain in God’s cause that they are dead nay they are alive but you perceive it not.”
We never succumb to these terrorist. I always pray for them that May Allah grant them with high rank. May their souls rest in eternal peace.–Ameen
Aurangzeb Shahzad.
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