Broz-Ayun road in ruins due to lack of maintenance since 1985

AYUN: The PTI government has been claiming about bringing a turnaround in the socio-economic condition of people since it came to power in KP about six years ago.

But looking at the condition of infrastructure that are considered vital for development of any area such as roads it seems people in many areas are being pushed back into the Stone Age.

After forming its government in Islamabad last year, the PTI shelved all the mega projects of Chitral. On the other hand, the government has utterly failed to even maintain the already broken down roads in Chitral such as the road to upper Chitral.

The road from Broz to Ayun was blacktopped as far back as 1985. Since then, it has developed ditches and potholes and the successive governments failed to allocate funds for its maintenance and reconstruction.
Local staffers of the communication and works department are often seen filing the ditches with soil and gravels.

The local people have condemned the callous attitude of the government towards the public issue. They wondered why the PTI government made false claims of promoting tourism in Chitral without first ensuring proper road infrastructure.

The road between Ayun and Broz is not only used by over 40,000 people of the nearby areas but also by thousands of tourists visiting the Kalash valleys every year.

The locals demanded that the road should be rebuilt and that work should also be launched on the construction of the road from Ayun to Bumburate by the National Highway Authority which has been put into the cold storage for over two years.

Muhkam Uddin Ayuni

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  1. Please let PTI to clear the rots created by previous governments and after that you will see lots of development. Nawaz Sharif did nothing for people of Chitral and made empty promises. Imran planted millions of trees in Chitral and provided jobs to youths.
    Imran also for first time made a Kalash youth member of assembly and he is resolving issues of Chitral but your MNA and MPA are not allowing Wazirzada to work. So why Imran should be accused for it

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