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Fire destroys hotel, shop in Denin

CHITRAL: A fire destroyed a hotel and shops in Denin  on Monday night.

The fire erupted after a gas cylinder leak in the kitchen of Al-Imran Hotel located near the Denin petrol pump at about 9:45 pm.

The flames spread to the hotel building as well as the A to Z General Store on its premises. All goods in the hotel and shop were gutted when the fire was extinguished at 11 pm.

A local resident, Abid, told the media that the fire brigade staff arrived late at the spot. He said low pressure in the fire extinguishing machine caused the flames to spread further.

Bashir Hussain Azad

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  1. Ehsan says

    The defaulting staff should be punished, rather dismissed instead of MPA etc calling a press conference. Do we have to call a press conference for every petty thing or take appropriate administrative action?

  2. Kham says

    The credit goes to ex MPA Salim Khan who was not aware or aware about appointment of rescue workers who are non local an un professional. And don’t know about the geography of chitral. And present MPA does press conference in chitral instead of known and using his power and right. He should speak in the assembly and send them back.

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