NHA closes Lowari tunnel due to heavy snow

UPPER DIR: The National Highway Authority (NHA) on Thursday notified the closure of the Lowari tunnel for 22 hours (10am Friday) till the approach roads are cleared of snow.

The project director of Lowari tunnel in a notification informed the deputy commissioners of Upper Dir and Chitral that the snow would be cleared by 10am on Friday. Till then, no traffic would be allowed to cross the tunnel.

3 Replies to “NHA closes Lowari tunnel due to heavy snow”

  1. We have seen the notification about closure of the tunnel but will never see notification about opening of the tunnel. That we will learn from truck and taxi drivers. This is the sorry way NHA works at Lowari tunnel. They are there only to give negative news and torture people. They are not interested in giving positive news.

  2. Better learn to properly draft a letter/notification before making things public. This tells all about the pathetic standard of public office holders in Pakistan.

  3. This is the only thing the NHA can do well and they announce it proudly. The NHA never updates the public about progress of work in the tunnel nor about the timings of the tunnel schedule, but wastes no time in announcing closure of the tunnel whenever it gets a chance. ‘Lakh di laanat’

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