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Chitral-Booni, Lowari tunnel approach roads blocked after snowfall

CHITRAL: Rockfall and sliding blocked Chitral-Booni road near Kari village on Thursday morning.
According to the DC office, a bulldozer was sent to the site to clear the road for traffic.
The DC office advised all passengers who intend to travel in the next 24 hours to reschedule their plans as the following roads are blocked due to heavy snowfall:‬
‪1: Dir-Chitral toad at Lowari (north-south approach roads)‬. NHA has mobilised machinery and  work is underway.
‪2: Chitral-Booni road clearance work is in progress.
‪3: Chitral-Garam Chashma road ‬
‪4: Ayun-Kalash valley.

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