Road blockades create shortage of vegetables

CHITRAL: Rai/snowfall continued in almost all parts of Chitral on Wednesday.
Approach roads to Lowari tunnel on both sides received about four inch of snow. But traffic continued on Chitral-Peshawar road with vehicles using tyre chains.
Many people were however reported stuck on both sides of the tunnel.
Meanwhile, there were very few vehicles on roads from different sub-valleys to the town due to the rain.
The rain increased the intensity of cold and there was high demand and shortage of firewood in the market.

Shortage of vegetables
Due to the poor condition of the main road to Chitral, the bazaar of the town is running short of vegetables and other kitchen items.
Consumers also complained that the traders were overcharging citing high transportation fares due to poor condition of the road during the rain.–Muhkam Uddin Ayuni

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