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Snow sports festival concludes; two youngsters injured while skiing

DROSH: Two youngsters got their legs broken during the first ever snow sports festival of Chitral which concluded on Sunday.

The three-day festival was organized by Hindukush Snow Sports Association in Madaklasht valley. Over 300 people took part in different snow sports and games.

The two injured were shifted to Drosh by local people as there was no medical camp or even first aid facility at the venue.

This was because the district administration pulled out of the festival at the eleventh hours announcing that the event had been cancelled.

Haji Anzer Gul, a notable of Drosh, regretted that the deputy commissioner announced to postpone the event without consulting the local people.

Hisaamul Mulk, the head of the Hindukush Snow Sports Association, said people of Madaklasht had been celebrating the event for over 100 years. If the government does not patronize the festival even in future, we will be holding it on a regular basis, he said.–GH Farooqui

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