Sports fans left in the lurch by KP govt – Hindukush Snow Sports Club saves the day

DROSH: The provincial government and the district administration failed to support the first of its kind snow sports festival in Chitral.

The district administration had been advertising the event as its major step towards promotion of tourism. However, the administration not only backed away at the eleventh hour, it also unilaterally announced to cancel the festival.

The Hindukush Snow Sports Club decided to go ahead with its commitment to hold the festival.

The main road to the snowbound valley was blocked near Pursat village of Shishikoh valley, on the inauguration day. It took more than 36 hours to remove the rocks fallen on the road.

The road leading to Madaklasht, the festival venue, was in a terrible condition as well.

It is also learned that visitors and tourists were not allowed to enter the valley and most of them had to return from Shishi bridge. Even visitors from Drosh and Chitral town were denied entry.

But despite the difficulties, a large number of people reached Madaklasht to participate in the festival.
Public circles criticized the role played by the district administration and urged higher authorities to make environment attractive for tourists as putting unnecessary obstacles would affect tourism in Chitral.

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