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Panah Gah in Chitral becomes functional

CHITRAL: A Panah Gah in Chitral established at District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital has started functioning.

The Panah Gah in Chitral accommodates male attendants of patients belonging to remote areas who are admitted to the  hospital.

The shelter has been set up by the district government, and it is part of the initiative announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan. Such arrangements have been made in major cities of Pakistan to provide shelter for homeless people.

However, in Chitral, this facility is meant for those people who come to the town with patients and face accommodation problems.

The DHQ is the only hospital in whole Chitral to cater to the patients. As there are no hospitals in other areas, people from remote villages come to the town for treatment.

Once in the hospitals, attendants of patients face lots of issues due to accommodation issues. The concept of the Panah Gah is god but it is not known how it could facilitate the rising numbers of people.

In winter season, the number of such people increases manifold and the government would have to provide more facilities and space to cater to the demand.

Here is a picture of the Panah Gah released by DC office:

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