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Khowar poetry book launched in literature festival

ISLAMABAD: A Khowar poetry book was launched at a literature festival in the category of new publications in mother tongues here today.
Javed Hayat Kakakhel, the author, comes from Golamuli village of Ghizer. He also presented some verses from the book with Urdu translation.
The festival is organized by Indus Culture Forum on every third weekend of February each year.
This year, the event is being held under the title of Pakistan Mother Language Literature Festival.
The Khowar book, Gurzain, is said to be first poetry collection to have been published by a poet from Ghizer district of Gilgit-Baltistan.
Mr Kakahel thinks his ancestors came to Golamuli from Kalam, Swat, and adopted Khowar. But he still maintains his tribal identity by picking the surname of Kakakhel.–Ejaz Ahmed
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