District admin ignores frequent blockades of Laspur valley

MASTUJ: The road from Mastuj to Laspur valley is again blocked due to an avalanche at Shaidas, cutting off the link of the area with the rest of Chital.
For the last over a month, this only road to the far-off valley has been closed on a number of times due to falling of boulders and landsliding at different points.

People of the area have reopened the road for pedestrians on a self-help basis but the government departments concerned seem deep in a slumber to resolve the public issue by removing the snow and boulders from the road.

With the onset of the winter season, the residents have been calling upon the government to keep the road open by deploying machinery and staff but to no avail. During an avalanche, a girl lost her life while a number of travelles sustained injuries. Besides, private vehicles including motorcycles were damaged.

The elders of Laspur valley have called upon the government to take notice of the issue to avoid a major accident and resolve the daily suffering of the commutes.–Amir Nayab

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