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Staff satisfaction in AKHS Chitral, a reader’s view

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The unrest among AKHSP staff in Chitral almost came to an end after one year period. Staff are now satisfied with new management structure in the region.

Most of the staff who were ignored for long time were highly demotivated. Now their services have been recognized and valued. AKHSP has been working in chitral since 1960s and and has rendered valuable services in difficult time in remote areas. Staff associated with this organization have served community and organization in challenging situation.

There was a time people used to enjoy working with AKHSP; however during last one decade the system was in a decline. Staff frustration was increasing with the passage of time due to favaritism at the time of promotion, salaray increase and selection for different capacity development opportunities. Staff were demotivated and that affected the quality services that was identity of this organization.

Now the situation is impriving within organization and high management is taking different steps to improve the working environment and motivation level of the staff.


Javed Khan

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