NHA announces nighttime closure of Lowari tunnel

ISLAMABAD: The Lowari tunnel will remain closed to all kind of vehicular traffic during the nighttime for the safety of motorists and to avoid any untoward incident, National Highway Authority said in an advisory issued here on Friday.
It said the prevailing extreme weather conditions and heavy snowfall in the area and slippery roads necessitated the closure of the tunnel. The tunnel will remain closed from 8pm to 6am, the NHA stated, adding during day time the tunnel will remain opened from 6am to 8am, 9am to 12pm, 2pm to 5pm and 6pm to 8pm.
The NHA said speed limit of 40 kilometres per hour would be observed strictly, and that no vehicle either passenger or goods would be allowed through the tunnel during the passage of fuel tankers.
The chief operating officer of the tunnel is authorised to close it in case of accumulation of smoke or any other emergency. However, ambulance and vehicles carrying patients or bodies, vehicles of law enforcement agencies, police, NHA and motorway police would be allowed during the closure timings.

2 Replies to “NHA announces nighttime closure of Lowari tunnel”

  1. Dear Farid, why are you so surprised, it is a sheer incompetency. People above the law are allowed to do whatever they want. They, their relatives, near and dear ones are not bound to any timing. At this point of time civil society has to take lead role. These MNAs/MPAs are busy in pocket filling. They move to cities during winter and visit Chitral in summer. Siberian birds are more faithful to Chitral, every year they face life challenge, even then they pay regular visit to us despite life threat and harsh weather.

  2. Closure of the tunnel at night time is understandable, but hip hops during day time of opening/closing is beyond reason. During this season there is not much traffic to create any smoke inside and if so what ambulances and NHA vehicles and other sifarshee vehicles are allowed during closure time. Are they not affected by smoke? The nonsense also known as Badmashi of NHA against spineless Chitralis must stop. Who will ensure this? Our MNA who raised a feeble voice was stopped by his party high command from raising the issue in the Assembly. That is as much for our representatives clout.

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