Contractors ready to purchase spoiled wheat

CHITRAL: A large number of contractors have shown interest in purchasing spoiled wheat lying in the sale points of the food department in the district.

The food department wants to auction 1,595 bags of spoiled wheat lying in its sale points in different parts of Chitral. But on Friday, an auction scheduled to be held at the district food office was postponed after 27 contractors insisted on purchasing the wheat by weight.

The food department had fixed the minimum rate of the wheat at Rs1,500 per bag of 100 kg.

DFC Fazal e Rabbi told the contractors that he would consult higher authorities about the matter and fix another date for the auction of the wheat if he was allowed to auction it by weight.

For years, people of Chitral have been complaining about short weight and spoiled wheat being supplied to them by the food department.

When asked for what purpose the contractors were purchasing the spoiled wheat, a contractor told ChitralToday that he would use it as fodder for his animals but he did not know how the other contractors would utilize it.

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