The crime-busting women of Kalash

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) police force has inducted 83 people from Chitral’s ancient Kalash tribe, including 11 women during the last five years.District Police Officer Chitral Furqan Bilal says the police department is proud of its Kalah members. The force has hire 67 as special police officers, five as permanent constables, six as members of the woman police force and five as woman constables.

The women perform their duties in Bamboriat, Ramboor and Barair Valley, ensuring security for tourists and guiding them.

The crime-busting women of Kalash. One such woman, Sabira was recruited in 2013.

“I am proud to be part of a courageous police force,” she said. “I perform duties in my valley and also serve as a member of the security protocol for VIP movement”.

Another Kalash policewoman, Jamina, conducts raids against criminal elements. The women police officers representing the Kalash community generally perform their duties wearing their traditional dresses but during VIP movements and raids, they wear police uniforms.

The provincial police has within its ranks Sikh, Christian and other minority communities and a reserve quota for minorities is maintained.

Wazir Zada, a first time MPA from the Kalash tribe appointed on the reserve minority seat, says the police department is proud to include people of the Kalash tribe.

“The population of Kalash valley has reached 4,500 and I am extremely thankful to K-P police for including our community in Chitral police,” said Zada.

The Kalash valley of Chitral is host to three major festivals in May, August, and December. A large number of local and foreign tourists make their way to the region to attend these festivals. Security forces and the Chitral police provide the security that enables these festivals to be celebrated every year, added Zada.

The lawmaker further stated that as the people of Kalash are well aware of their traditions and culture, it is easier for the police department to amicably solve the community’s issues through their own members serving in the department.

My personal security guard is also a member of the Kalashi community, he said, vowing to extend full support to Chitral police and the security forces of Pakistan at all levels.–Express Tribune

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