Strike by LPG dealers continues

CHITRAL: Due to the strike of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) dealers in Chitral for last two weeks, the commodity has run out in the district.

The dealers are demanding increase in price because they have to incur charges for transporting it from Rawalpindi.

The dealers went on strike when the consumer court ruled on Nov 27 on the petition of a consumer that the LPG should be sold at the rate fixed by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority, and declared null and void the rate fixed by the district administration.
In the judgment, the court had admonished the district administration for fixing the LPG price, saying that it was the sole authority of Ogra.

The authorised dealers of LPG contended that the gas companies did not provide them with transportation charges from Rawalpindi to Chitral and they had no other option but to charge the same from consumers.

Assistant commissioner Chitral Alamgir said the local LPG dealers had challenged the verdict in Peshawar High Court, so shortage of the commodity would persist till the case was disposed of.

He said the district administration could not interfere in the matter.–Dawn

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  1. Chitral people are suffering for the most because of this type of day to day issues of district government with the dealers. There should to be a proper policy and plan to serve people well, instead of bothering the common folk. No welfare from anywhere just troubles and issues. Just look into the cold weather and closure of gas for a whole district.

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