Puppets ruin organizations


By Bilal Ahmad
Management researchers rarely explore and investigate the effects, impacts and consequences of puppet employees in organizations but it is a topic which is mostly discussed by the employees in any organization. It is strange that such an important practice ruining the organizations in the developing world has not been given attention. In my view, qualitative investigation to explore the causes of puppets installation in any type of organization is mandatory firstly. The puppets may seldom be useful for an organization in the short run but observation and experience has revealed that strong exists correlation between organizational downfall and number of puppets in any organization.
The very first question is where these puppets come from?? This varies in different organizations, some are brought by politicians, some are blued eyed ones of higher management and some are backed by ethnic and religious influential. One can easily identify these puppets in any organization as they lack capacity, poor decision making and adopt self-oriented approach. My discussion with employees of different types of organizations revealed that people with an entirely different approach and academic degrees have been placed in such positions for which they were not only ineligible but also were woefully unprofessional. The results are clear, the organization hardly achieves its objectives which results in frustration among the employees and the society is deprived of the benefits of this organization run by puppets.

This is a big dilemma that this major cause of organizational downfall is given insignificant importance by media also. Rather the impacts of bad governance raises a media storm but the perpetrators behind the woeful circumstances are skipped.

For organizations to prosper there should be best brains to run the affairs whether it be a public, corporate or nonprofit sector. It’s the management responsibility that the section dealing with human resources should be strengthened and biased free so that aspirants with strong professional skills can be made part of the organization.
As the contemporary researchers assert that corruption can’t be measured, puppets induction in any organization is the biggest corruption ruining the future of not only its beneficiaries or customers but also the professional employees who have dreamt to grow professionally through hard work and enthusiasm. For this country to prosper and areas to develop locally organizations will have to extract graduates having relevant academic degrees, skills, professional experience and most importantly professional approach otherwise policymaking will not bear fruits.

(The write is freelance evaluation consultant).

  1. Dilawar says

    First of all HR department and Selection Committees have to be independent and under no pressure in making decisions. Secondly as i have seen, the nepotism in organisations have cultural background too. Some the employees who are in the senior level are compelled by their relatives and elders to accommodate their near and dear ones. Otherwise the officer would be termed as (asay kya mosh tan no) or (we hardio mosh) (ishkostain kyagh no kori retire hoi) etc.
    The society is equally responsible here in pressurizing organisations. Similarly if we take the example of AKRSP and SRSP they are hiring people related specific parties and ethnic and religious families when they come under pressure.
    HR is a dynamic field and the key is to empower it and make it part of the decision making process. In the development sector HR is considered as part of the support function and merely treated as a rubber stamp.

  2. Sajid says


  3. Sajid Ur Rahman says

    The main thing in organization is Right person for the right job but unfortunately absenteeism of HR Culture in these organization raise the above points in the article.
    Secondly the referent political, coercive,
    & autonomous intrinsic legitimate power of organization bring such unlawful acts.

  4. Nawaz says

    Langland school in Chitral has puppet employees also.

  5. M.wasim uddin says

    AkRSP is one of the best example of organization with puppet employees.To be employee in AKRSP chitral one should be mehtar xawey,roshtey or related to mhtar xawey…

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