Security of foreign workers tightened

CHITRAL: In the wake of the terror attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi, security for foreign nationals working in different projects in Chitral has been further tightened, the local police in a statement said on Friday.
The subdivisional police officers (SDPOs) and station house officers (SHos) across Chitral carried out an audit-inspection of all such project sites. On the basis of the inspection reports, notices were issued to the officials concerned to enhance the security where there was a need.
The district police officer (DPO) said though Chitral was a peaceful district, security of all projects where foreigners were working was being further enhanced to avoid any untoward incident.
He said police reserve forces would be at a standby at the central police points to meet any emergency situation. Besides, the newly-formed and well-equipped elite force would also be kept ready round the clock.

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