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Farewell to an illustrious principal

GILGIT: A farewell ceremony was hosted in honor of the outgoing principal of Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Gilgit, Mr Shamsul Haq.
Other than the 550 students of the school, former students, school management, faculty members and support staff also participated in the event.
The teachers and students recalled the services of the principal who joined the institution as an Urdu lecturer in 1999. Not only did he focus on academics but also on extracurricular activities to enhance the capabilities of students through dramas, speeches, debates, interviews and poetry.
He also worked on developing the school by executing all the tasks given to him by the school management. His services included donating a vast amount of books to the school library when it was in a dire need of it. He also served as the patron of the Urdu Society which led to development of standards of the Urdu language as he organized speech, drama and poetry competitions.
In 2013, Mr Haq was appointed as the vice principal of the school and assumed his responsibilities when the school was going through difficult times as the principal of that time had resigned when the final examinations were closing in.
When Ms Haq was appointed as the principal, many teachers were going to leave the school because most of them had been appointed as lecturers in the government and the school would’ve suffered a lot due to this if it wasn’t for his great leadership in those times to take over.–Jibran Bilal
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  1. Mr.baig says

    principal sb wish you all the best and keep it up.

  2. saif says

    Manny congrats lala. It is often said that the most difficult thing to achieve in professional life is to earn a good namef

  3. ڈاکٹر خلیل جغورو says

    اپ کا تبادلۂ کہاں ہوا بھائی .. چترال آگئے ہو کیا ؟؟

    1. سمس الحق says

      نہیں سر چترال نہیں گلگت میں ہی ۔۔

  4. Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah says

    Best wishes to Shamsul Haq Qamar on his retirement and time ahead.

    1. شمس الحق says

      Sir no retirement just transferred.

      1. Fardad Ali Shah says

        All the more reason to be happy. Best wishes

  5. Sher Wali Khan Aseer says

    We are proud of our brilliant academician and education Manager, Mr. Shamsul Haque Qamar! I particularly feel pride to be a teacher of Mr. Shams!

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