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Bodies of four avalanche victims recovered

Report Kamal A. Jamil
DROSH: Bodies of four people buried by an avalanche in Goren Gol, Shishi Koh, on Saturday were recovered on Sunday evening, local nazim Moulana Saifullah confirmed to ChitralToday.
The pour people had gone missing in an avalanche that hit them in the very far-off area of Shishi Koh valley on Saturday.
The four, including two brothers, had gone to a grazing ground to bring their animals back when the avalanche hit the area.
They were identified as Momin and Amir Zada, sons of Khaista Khan, residents of Shahinoor, Shishi Koh; Saad Muluk, son of Bahadar, and Usman, son of Gul Muhammad, residents of Kauti, Arandu.
The meadow is located at Goren Gol at the confluence of Dogdara, which is a meadow touching the boundaries of Upper Dir and Chitral districts.
The bodies were being sent to the native areas of the victims on Sunday evening.
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