Offer of services to educational institutions

Dear Sir,
I and my team members would like to offer our services to your prestigious educational institutes. We are a team of like minded people from different fields of life i.e. education, sports, medicine, environment and mind sciences.
We wish to contribute positive activities in our society through our abilities and talents. We have already started working for women empowerment by organizing informative lectures for them to provide them awareness about their rights and the fields where they can utilize their talents.
The workshops are designed to cover significant areas of teaching and to equip the potential participants with the latest instructional strategies that will help them create an effective and engaging learning environment in their classrooms. Modules are as follows:
• Active learning
• Interactive teaching strategies
• Emerging teaching methods
• Classroom management
We have a competent team to conduct such constructive workshops for the betterment of students whom are the future of Pakistan. A six-member group of our NGO is willing to visit your beautiful area and conduct the above workshop.
Workshops are designed for different age groups. We have innovative teacher training modules and workshops that can be conducted to meet specific needs of your school/college. Duration of workshop is typically three hours but can be dependent on topic and can be customized to your school’s/college needs.
We shall be much obliged if you please arrange accommodation, visits of educational institutes, organizations and a three days’ workshop (session of 3 hours 9 am to 12 pm) with teachers of your area during the second week of November 2018.
Aneela Nadeem, Durdana Ahmed Ali Khan
President, Vice President,
Physical Education Associate Professor
(Commecs College).

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  1. Your feelings are highly appreciable yet it depends on the need of each school which is possible through SWOT analysis of ur induction initiatives.

  2. This pill has been tried time and again with no tangible results. Need of the hour is facilitation of talent cum distitute based scholarships at school and college level.

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