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Imran opens complaint portal for citizens

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday inaugurated the Pakistan Citizens’ Portal — set up at the Prime Minister Office with an aim to “timely address the problems of the people and get their feedback.”
The portal will be available to citizens in the form of a cellphone app, but they will also be able to approach the government via telephone, email or written letters.
The portal will be used to send complaints and suggestions to Prime Minister Office directly, according to Radio Pakistan, and the office will oversee the “process of addressing the public complaints and implementation on recommendations”.
PM Khan, while addressing the inauguration ceremony in Islamabad, described the system as “the first step towards improving governance” and creating a conducive environment for investment.
“The system that we’ve developed is a means to change the prevailing mindset. For the first time, government offices and ministries will be accountable,” the premier said, adding that it would give ordinary Pakistanis, both home and abroad, a voice.
“The portal will make it easy for me to get details of where in Pakistan the complaints are coming from, about which ministries,” said the premier.
The system will enable the government to keep track of what’s happening in various ministries and departments, and how they are performing, and subsequent “policies will reflect what the public wants.
“All policy-making will be done after hearing the voice of the people,” he added.
“I believe this will bring a quantum change in Pakistan which is very important for our future. We need investment. We ave inherited a mountain of debt, and if we want to get out of it, there is only one way ─ we need to bring investment to Pakistan,” the PM said.
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  1. Ehsanullah says

    It is a case of “easier said than done”. Who will take notice and action on complaints posted on the portal? Institutions should be strengthened instead. If public complaint cell is made into an institution it is OK, otherwise just an eye wash.

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