Khalid bin Wali dies in road accident

PESHAWAR: Khalid bin Wali, 34, son of Abdul Wali Khan Abid Advocate of Barenis Chitral died in a road traffic accident on motorway near Nowshera on Saturday.

He was travelling in an official car (AA-2387 Peshawar) to Rawalpindi from Peshawar when the vehicle met with the accident near near Kalanjar Kallay and caught fire.

Khalid was a Provincial Management Service (PMS) qualified officer and worked as excise and taxation officer in Peshawar. He had also been selected as a civil judge-cum-judicial magistrate by the Peshawar High Court (PHC) two years ago, a post he later relinquished and continued working with the income tax department.

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  1. The tragic death of Khalid bin Wali is a great national loss and such kind, humble, caring and shining personality born once in a centuries. It is difficult for me to believe as a teacher of Khalid bin wali that he is not more with us. He was self-disciplined, morally sound and obedient child. Hazrat Ali Karam wajuho says”Treat people in such a way and live amongst them in such a manner that if you die people weep over you and if you are alive they feel proud for your company”. Khalid had these qualities, I feel proud to be his teacher and I am in shocked when he left untimely. Oh Khalid you made entire Chitral sad. you were our great asset but Allah had planned something else.We are helpless before Allah’s decision. May Allah rest his noble soul in peace and give courage to bereaved family to bear this irreparable loss.

  2. Such a tragic loss one of chitral great asset. My condolences to Mr.Abdul wali lawyer and whole family from deep of my heart.May Allah give strength to entire family to bear this unfortunate incident and may Allah give a place in Jannah to Shahid Khalid bin wali .Ameen soomha Ameen.

  3. Khalid role model of the role models.. Unbelievable and unbearable and our dear surely has very high position in the eternal life.. Deepest condolence to family

  4. Huge lose to Chitral, Khalid Bin Wali was highly competent and honest officer and nice person. The gap which created due to the tragic incident will never be fulfilled. May his soul be in eternal peace.

  5. Indeed it’s a big loss of Chitral. so sad we lost a highly educated government official with a young age.we pray to Almighty Allah may his soul rest in eternal peace. We also offer our deepest condolences to Mohtaram Abid Advocate sahib his all family members friends and colleagues.we also pray to almighty Allah for grant Sabray to tolerate this irrepearable loss.Ameen.(Gul jee and family Canada.)k

  6. یہ صدمہ اور غم پورے چترال کا ہے بہت ہی افسوس ناک واقعہ ہوا اللھ تبارک وتعالی ہمارے مرحوم بھائی کو اپنے جوار رحمت میں جگہ دیں اور لواحقیں کو صبرو جمیل عطا کریں

  7. Huge loss. Unbelievable. I m very aggrieved and couldn’t stop my tears. What a beautiful soul we lost. May Allah grant jannah to our beloved friend. Ameen. This huge loss is unbearable and very difficult.

  8. This is a great national loss of a son Chitral was proud of. God bless his soul and give patience to the bereaved family to bear the loss.

  9. Unbelievable. I m very aggrieved, shocked and couldn’t stop my tears. What a beautiful soul we lost. This huge loss is unbearable and very difficult.May ALLAH Almighty grant jannah to our beloved brother. Ameen

  10. Such a nice soul I had a chance to meet him. Am very sad to hear about his tragic death. My sympathies with his family. May his soul rest in peace.

  11. Life is sojourn and death snatches away it with out knowing but the death of a few remains the cuase of shock and melancholy. Khalid was a great human with the politest officer I ever met. May his soul rest in peace.

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