Russian mountaineer back in Chitral on sixth visit

CHITRAL: Russian mountaineer Renat Shfikov, who had attempted to scale Terich Mir, the highest peak of Hindu Kush system of mountains in 2016, came to Chitral on Thursday on his sixth visit since 2006.

He told local reporters that Chitral was one of his ideal tourist resorts in the world, where he always found all elements of his interest ranging from lofty mountain peaks to the primitive civilization of Kalash to the tracking trails to peace and tranquility.

The mountaineer said all his visits were unforgettable and pleasant and therefore, he came to the region again and again.

“During one of the trips, I attempted to scale the Terich Mir peak along with two French mountaineers but failed due to extreme weather condition after reaching a certain altitude,” he said.

The mountaineer said by profession, he was museum manager in Moscow and had visited most mountainous tourist resorts of the world.–Zahiruddin

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