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Muttahida Jihad Council chief Salahuddin visits Chitral

CHITRAL: Muttahida Jihad Council chief Syed Salahuddin during his visit to Chitral addressed a gathering at the Al-Markaz Islami and spoke on the concept of Jihad.
He said Pakistan was the target of the nexus of Israel, India and America because our country was created in the name of Islam and possessed nuclear weapons.
He said the concept of Jihad was given by holy prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and it would continue against evil forces in the world.
He said 85pc people in Pakistan did not properly know the characteristics of the Islamic governance system and that was why they never made a right judgment in electing their rulers.
He said the people of Kashmir were taking their struggle towards its logical conclusion and India had seen writing on the wall and its humiliation.
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