Ex-MPA demands deployment of Chitral Scouts at Lowari tunnel

CHITRAL: Former MPA Salim Khan has condemned misbehaviour by Dir Scouts with MNA Molana Abdul Akbar Chitrali.

In a statement, Mr Khan, who is also an ex-provincial minister, said the treatment meted out to the elected representative of the 600,000 people of Chitral by the personnel of the Dir Scouts is condemnable.

Molana Chitrali is a lawmaker and should not have been treated like a terrorist. Even if the driver of the MNA was wrong, the security personnel should not have dealt with the matter in such an uncivilized way.

Mr Khan said that the attitude of the Dir Scouts personnel deployed at the tunnel is always rude with all Chitrali passengers. They neither understand our culture and language nor recognize our people.

He called upon the commander of the 11 corps and the general officer commanding (GOC) Malakand to depute Chitral Scouts at Lowari tunnel to avoid such incidents in future. The former MPA also said that the National Highway Authority (NHA) should open the tunnel 24 hours a day without any further delay.

2 Replies to “Ex-MPA demands deployment of Chitral Scouts at Lowari tunnel”

  1. Sorry to say, Saleem Khan sahib’s role has been quite negative in the lawari tunnel story. He was a minister when PPP prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilanee diverted lawari tunnel funds to Multan and he didn’t speak a word about it. Then the next PPP Prime minister Pervez Ashraf snatched the remaining funds and sent them to Gujar Khan and our minister remained a silent spectator which means he condoned the diversion of Lawari tunnel funds to other places by his party prime ministers.
    Then, when the tunnel was being opened for only two days in a week he did not raise an effective voice against it, instead he himself was reported travelling through the tunnel whenever he wanted but the people remained deprived of the facility.
    Now, it does not suit him to speak about the tunnel at least. “Jo mukka laraie ke baad yaad aiye usay apnay moo per maarna chahiye”

  2. This ex mpa was a law maker for ten years and he never spoke about this tunnel during his tanure. Even during ppp p,s government tunnel was completely closed for five years.And corrupt government diverted lowry money to Multan and this gentleman was busy to develop his own business in Islamabad and busy in a corruption.Abdul Akbar has broken the law and now he using chitrali nation for his own interest and trying to save himself and his driver. Army and law enforcement agencies should take action against them. And must take action against Salim Khan to create panic among chitralis and talks against Army. Both are law makers and try to break the law to maintain their kingship.

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