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Vehicle carrying poultry waste intercepted

CHITRAL: Social activists in Drosh said they caught a vehicle carrying poultry waste out of Chitral and claimed that the waste would be used in the production of cooking oil and chicken feed.

Salahuddin Toofan Qari Fazal Haq and Naveedur Rehman Chughtai said earlier the same vehicle had been intercepted by the police and the waste was disposed of in Drosh.

When the vehicle was again intercepted a few days ago in Drosh by the social activists carrying not only the poultry waste but also dead chicken, its driver produced a no-objection certificate (NOC) issued by the deputy commissioner of Chitral allowing the transportation of the poultry waste out of the district.

However, the social activists could not substantiate their claim that the waste being taken out of Chitral was used in producing any edible items.

Earlier, the chicken dealers in Chitral used to dump the poultry waste into the river but now they are not being allowed to dispose them of in the river. The TMA has also imposed a Rs1,000 on each vehicle bringing live chicken to Chitral but it has not arranged a site for the disposal of the waste. –GH Farooqui


Meanwhile, it has been learnt that the NOC was issued to Muhhamd Tariq and Sher Rehman of Fatehjang factory and residents of Charsadda by the DC Chitral on Sept 6, 2017, for a period of six months. So it expired in March 2018.

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  1. Dr Khalil says

    The human fecal material is used for fish farming in many countries, draining toilets into fish ponds is practiced as integrated farming. Obviously after processing the poultry waste is used in poultry feed as source of protein, there is nothing wrong with that. Same is practiced in developed countries. Poultry feces are commonly used in agriculture lands as a valuable ingredient of soil for crop production. I don’t understand why the driver was stopped when there is no recycling plant existing in Chitral. If that was stopped it doesn’t effect the practice, the negligible number of poultry is used in Chitral as compare to rest of the country. Is it possible for Drosh activist to ban the same all over the country specially when there is nothing wrong with doing that ? .. Cows, sheep very commonly eat on human feces in pastures if not at home, that doesn’t mean we stop eating sheep and cow meat and avoid drinking their milk. Chicken feathers are mostly a strong protein called keratin. So I will request my brothers in Drosh not to stop anyone to take away poultry waste that helps to keep the environment of Chitral clean.

    Dr. Khalil
    – Doctor of Veterinary medicine and Surgery (Pakistan)
    – Postgraduate Diploma in Poultry management and feed processing (Netherlands)
    – Certificate in milk hygiene and microbiology (wageningen University Netherlands)
    – Fellow Netherland Dairy Association

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