Leakages in water supply lines being probed

CHITRAL: The chief engineer of the public health department has ordered an inquiry into the leakages in water supply lines from Golen valley to Chitral town.

The probe was ordered after reports about the faulty pipes were published in the media.

A spokesman for the department told this correspondent that most of the brown leaking pipes shown in the pictures were laid to supply water from the valley for irrigation purposes. He said two supply lines coming from Golen for drinking water were working properly.

He explained that the leakages in these pipes are not water but air bursting out of the air walls. When water does not flow in full pressure in the pipes, air makes its a way out of the special air wall, he claimed. –GH Fraooqui

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  1. farooqi ! Stop making people fool. You were supposed to verify the report from the concern depertment before sending it to Chitraltoday. Please follow the reporting procedure, you say something today and the next day make excuses for the said. why did you not verify and diffrentiate between irrigation pipe and drinking water pipline?,you were suppose to diffrentiate between brown and silver colors of the pipes, please dont jump to conclusion before verification of reports. It brings bad name to people in the society. otherwise it could negatively effect your credibility as reporter.

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