Need stressed for improving quality of education in Chitral

CHITRAL: Hashoo Foundation Chitral organized a consultative session with local stockholders with the aim to know local priorities and issues and to work in a synergetic way in order to improve quality of education.

During the session, the HF management highlighted the contribution of Hashoo Foundation in Pakistan in general and Chitral in particular, helping poor and marginalized segment of society without discrimination of gender, creed and race.

Haji Maghfirat Shah, District Nazim Chitral, assured the founsation of support from the government and suggested to NGOs and other CSOs to plan in consultation with the district administration and local government, especially in planning phase, to avoid duplication of efforts and to ensure better utilization of given resources.
Col Moeen Uddin, Commandant Chitral Task Force, who was the chief guest, applauded the high literacy rate in Chitral compared to other regions of the country but emphasized to work for improving the quality of education to better compete in the fast changing and more competitive world today.
He said Chitral with myriad resources bestowed by nature can be better developed if the local people are willing to do so that requires hard work and commitment.
Mr Jalal-ud-Din, Director Programmes Hashoo Foundation, said the foundation had been working in Chitral since 2004 in the areas of education, skill development, hospitality management, social welfare and climate change.
He also spoke about activities of the foundation were supported by family philanthropy of Hashsoo family.

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